About Us

SEC Registered Alambic Investment Management LP was founded in 2006 as an independent alternative investment management firm specializing in the systematic application of fundamental equity research principals. Building on the experience of managing our flagship systematic long/short equity strategy, we launched our first mutual fund in September 2015.  Our multi-strategy fund family is differentiated by our team’s extensive backgrounds in equity research, engineering, statistical analysis and securities management and by the diversity of their experience, expertise and backgrounds.  Our Strategies showcase Alambic’s excellence in automated equity research and principled risk management.

Alambic’s investment philosophy is based on our belief that behavioral biases and information asymmetries create small, predictable deviations in individual stock prices from fair value. Through back testing historical data, we have found that these persistent biases tend to create investment opportunities that can be profitably harvested with the systematic application of fundamental equity research disciplines. Coupled with our proprietary portfolio optimizer, we believe this process can consistently yield performance that outperforms our target indices.

The Power Of Plus

By merging the two approaches, Alambic leverages the Power of Plus in an effort to deliver consistent, reliable long term performance.

Three Core Technologies – The Power Of Plus

These three core technologies have powered Alambic’s market-neutral strategies for more than 6 years, and also bring the power of plus to the long-only mutual funds.

Proprietary Alpha Factors

Building upon decades of equity research experience, Alambic built proprietary factors from fundamental financial and other company data sources. Alambic has found that these factors (or “attributes”) tend to be persistent drivers of return. They are grouped by similarity into 5 main categories.

Alambic’s Investment Process

Portfolio Managers

Albert Richards, PhD, MBA, CFA

Brian Thompson, PhD, CAIA

Alambic’s Investment Philosophy

  • Subtle market inefficiencies can be systematically harvested with insight and patience.
  • Scalable and repeatable algorithmic processes can avoid and exploit behavioral biases.
  • Diversity multiplies the value of individuals: Diverse backgrounds, experience and expertise, yield diverse ideas and complimentary perspectives.

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